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Affinity’s vision is for a thriving business that grows our intellectual capital to create value for our clients, our people and our shareholders.

We deliver value-oriented solutions

Affinity works to achieve value-based business goals:

  • We work at senior management levels to address tomorrow’s challenges:
    • “give me back my time”
    • “make my life simpler”
    • “match my commitment”
    • “reduce my risk”
    • “see the world through my eyes”
  • We help organisations to manage and grow their knowledge assets — and measure the asset’s performance.
  • We aspire to achieve clarity, balance and vision — and present complex issues in plain language.

We build long-term partnerships

Affinity aims to build long-term partnerships with selected clients who want to adapt and advance continuously — thriving in a rapidly changing environment.

We help you anticipate and meet the needs of your customers and stakeholders. We design and deliver solutions for reuse, refining them from past good practice.

Share knowledge and it grows
Hoard knowledge, and it withers and dies — and the hoarder withers and dies a little, too.

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